School Information and History

About Master Pae’s Academy and Master Pae

A Grand Master Lineage

  • The oldest Taekwondo school in the Roanoke Valley
  • Korean Founder, taught in Korea
  • Authentic, traditional Korean martial art
  • All instructors taught directly by Grandmaster Pae

The only World Taekwondo Federation Headquarters (Kukkiwon) authorized instruction in the Roanoke valley.

  • You have the opportunity to participate in the World Championship and the Olympics
  • Members of Master Pae’s Taekwondo Academy have been gold
  • medalists at the Junior Olympics

Grand Master Pae’s Accomplishments

  • Trained at the Moo Duk Kwan Taekwondo School
  • Achieved his Black Belt in 1963
  • Kukkiwon appointed 9th Dan Grand Master
  • Received a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education in Seoul, South Korea
  • Received a diploma from Seoul Oriental Medical School

Our Poomse Practice (forms)

We practice both the Palgwe and the Taeguek styles. When coming from another school, your belt rank may be determined by the your current poomse level.

  • White Belt                     Palgwe 1 and three basic forms
  • Yellow Belt                    Palgwe 2 and Taeguek 1
  • Orange Belt                   Palgwe 3 and Taeguek 2
  • Green Belt                     Palgwe 4 and Taeguek 3
  • Purple Belt                     Palgwe 5 and Taeguek 4
  • Blue Belt                        Palgwe 6 and Taeguek 5
  • Brown Belt                     Palgwe 7 and Taeguek 6
  • Red Belt                         Palgwe 8 and Taeguek 7
  • Red w/black stripe          Taeguek 8
  • Black belts are required to know all the above forms in addition to their black belt forms. We are a WTF (World Taelwondo Federation) affiliated school. All our black belts are registered with the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) in Seul Korea and are recognized anywhere in the world.

Our practice

Classes consist of a short warm-up and stretch routine followed by our Basic Orders which are a practice of 16 techniques common to all of the Poomse (forms). We then practice our Poomse always starting with the more basic and moving to the advanced. After Poomse, we will do kicks and other advanced techniques including sparing (for color belts only).

Tae Kwon Do, sometimes referred to as “Korean Karate”, is a powerful martial art focusing on the use of extreme speed and accuracy in all techniques. Different from Karate, we use more kicks as these are very powerful techniques, even for individuals of smaller stature. We also emphasize powerful blocking techniques not just as a defensive “counter strike” but also as an effective addition to punching techniques.

By learning to channel the strength of the entire body to the hand and foot, and place that power anywhere within one’s range of motion, one is optimally prepared to respond to a wide range of self defense situations. We regularly discuss the physics and body dynamics that go into the generation of speed, power and accuracy.